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Tips for masturbating if you have a vagina

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Tips for masturbating if you have a vagina | Julie

Tips for Masturbation When You Have a Vagina

Masturbation is magical. It relieves stress, is a form of sexual self-care, and is a way to find out what gets you there. Best of all, it’s not just about one area. In this article, we’ll explore masturbation tips and techniques specifically designed for individuals with vaginas. Enjoy :) PS, if you want to learn more about the benefits of masturbation, check this out.

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is essentially self-stimulation to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm. It’s a healthy behavior that provides a personal and intimate exploration of one's body, desires, and preferences. Masturbation can involve self-pleasure of any of your erogenous zones, but the two most commonly aroused body parts are the clitoris and the vagina.

Clitoral Masturbation

The clitoris has one job: to get you off. Seriously. A complex network of tissues inside and outside of your body with 8,000 nerve endings make up the clitoris. The visible part of your clitoris is the glans. It is located at the top of the vulva where the labia minora meet and is generally covered by the clitoral hood (a small piece of skin). Stimulating this highly sensitive area is leads to orgasm for most (though not all).

Tips for clitoral masturbation

Here’s how you can stimulate your own clitoris:

  1. Using your hand or a sex toy (like a vibrator), begin to stimulate your vaginal lips surrounding your clitoral hood.

  2. From here, experiment with different techniques, speeds, and pressures. Follow the feelings, thoughts, and movements that feel right for you.

  3. Focus on building your arousal gradually, with pressure and speed, until you achieve desired stimulation (most often an orgasm).

Vaginal Masturbation

Vaginal masturbation involves stimulating the internal areas of the vagina to reach orgasm. This usually happens through penetration with fingers or a sex toy (i.e., vibrator or dildo). One of the biggest myths about female pleasure is that people with a vagina can reach an orgasm through vaginal stimulation. While some people can, the majority do not. That doesn’t mean that vaginal stimulation needs to be ignored, but it’s important to remember that focus on the vagina alone might not do the trick. Vaginal stimulation can still feel pleasurable, especially as you touch your other erogenous zones.

Tips for vaginal masturbation

Here’s what you can do to reach orgasm through vaginal masturbation:

  1. Massage the clitoris or the area surrounding the opening of your vagina. You can use lube or make yourself “wet” during the process.

  2. Slowly insert your fingers or a sex toy and explore motions that feel good for you (in-and-out, circular, stroking, or a combo). Pay attention to the erogenous zones in your vagina — you can find them by exploring different movement techniques.

  3. As those good feelings continue to build and get stronger, increase the speed and pressure until you achieve desired stimulation. Remember, if you don’t reach an orgasm through vaginal stimulation, it’s okay and completely normal.

Anal Masturbation

Anal masturbation is a thing! This area can be very pleasurable, even if you don’t reach an orgasm. That said, you should take extra precautions when you masturbate in this area. The lack of naturally occurring lubrication and prevalence of bacteria make added lubrication an absolute requirement here.

Tips for anal masturbation

Even though anal pleasure is a great way to reach orgasm, protect your body before doing it. Here’s how:

  1. USE LUBE. This is a non-negotiable. Unlike your vagina, your anus doesn’t get wet. Put some lube on your fingers or a sex toy and begin to massage the exterior rim of your anus.

  2. Slowly penetrate your anus and use different movements to increase your pleasure (in-and-out, circular motion, etc).

  3. Just like your clitoris and vagina, continue to do what feels good or increase the speed and pressure until you achieve desired stimulation.

Combo or Erogenous Zone Masturbation

Who says you can only masturbate in one area? You can stimulate any of these areas in combination to reach climax. Have fun with it and experiment with your hands, fingers, or sex toys to see what feels good.

Likewise, erogenous zones are those other areas of the body that feel stimulating when played with. It includes areas like your nipples, ear lobes, neck, or any place that feels pleasurably sensitive to you. Touching, tugging, pinching, and caressing these areas add to your overall stimulation and sometimes lead to more intense orgasms.

Tips for combo or erogenous zone masturbation

Here are some pointers on combining different masturbation zones with your erogenous zones:

  1. To masturbate in multiple zones: use your hand, fingers, or a sex toy, to begin stimulating your clitoris, vagina, or anus. When you’re ready, use your other hand or sex toy to stimulate another area.

  2. If you want to add an erogenous zone, lightly stroke that area or begin tugging or pinching it to increase stimulation — try out different motions or even different textures and toys to bump up the sensation (feathers, nipple clamps, vibrators, etc.)

  3. Use different speeds, pressures, and patterns to reach that big moment. Don’t forget, as with anything else, this is all about what feels good to you. Experiment away!

What to do before masturbation

A good masturbation experience begins with the right mindset and atmosphere. Here’s how you can get in the mood with yourself:


Let those fantasies come to the surface of your imagination, whether it’s from a book, film, pornography, show, real life, or fantasy. Your sexual desires are unique to you. Let your mind go wherever it wants.

Explore those erogenous zones

Explore those sensitive and stimulating areas of your body that can increase your pleasure. Think thighs, nipples, ears, hips, and (yes, even) feet.

Bump up the mood

Create a comfortable and relaxing environment for your masturbation adventure. Turn off the lights, light some candles, or put on your favorite music. Don’t forget, it’s all about you.


Lube is your friend. As you become aroused, your body creates its own natural lubrication. Depending on what you’re doing (especially if it’s anal), you might need more. Keep a bottle on standby, just in case.

Masturbation Tips

Get wet

Your shower and bathtub are great places to experiment with masturbation techniques. It’s already a relaxing area, and you can wash hands before any penetration of the genitals. If you have a handheld shower head or if you’re in a bathtub, use the water pressure coming out to provide special stimulation. Experiment with different temperatures to add to the sensation — but don’t scald yourself.

Use toys

Not all sex toys are alike. Some provide different sensations along with a combination of features to intensify pleasure. Don’t have any sex toys? Use a pillow or soft towel to rub against your vulva or a shower head or bathtub faucet (as mentioned above).

Massage the areas around your clitoris

Sometimes, direct clitoris action doesn’t work. Explore the surrounding areas of your clitoris for added pleasure, like your vaginal lips or opening. You can even stroke your inner thighs and the area above or below your vagina for stimulation. This is a great opportunity to explore your erogenous zones!

Try different physical locations

Masturbation isn’t limited to your bed. Venture into different locations to masturbate, like your bathroom or wherever you feel most in the mood.

Use porn (if that works for you)

There’s a kind of porn out there for everyone. If you’re exploring porn, choose content that caters to your preferences. For example, platforms like Bellessa are for a female audience and provide female-specific content.

Don’t be afraid to fantasize

Let your imagination go the distance. Masturbation is a non-judgmental zone. Allow your mind to wander through your fantasies or inspiration while tuning out intrusive thoughts. If you’re trying to shake some stress before going solo, let your imagination calm you down before boosting the good feels.

Massage your inner thighs

Your inner thighs are potential pleasure centers and allow for a combo/erogenous zone stimulation situation. Stroke or lightly massage them before you move into other areas, or use a hand to massage an inner thigh while you stroke your clitoris or vaginal opening.


Yes, you can tease yourself. Just as foreplay increases stimulation with a partner, you can heighten your own experience by doing it to yourself. Whether it’s touching your erogenous zones, reading a steamy scene in a novel, or watching porn or that scene from your fave show or movie, you can gradually lead into your climax by adding foreplay to your solo-sexual care.